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My name is Zuzanna Rosińska

I am a nutritionist by education and passion

For 3 years I have been helping my patients eliminate nutritional errors and introduce healthy eating habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. I am guided by an individual approach to each patient and I focus on a common-sense approach to diet.

The goal of my work is to improve the quality of your life by improving your health and improving your figure. Well-being, physical condition, will translate positively into your private and professional life. Diet, physical activity, motivation and support will help you achieve this, and the road to it will be a pleasure for you.


I graduated with a master’s degree in dietetics at the Medical University. Karol Marcinkowski in Poznań. During my studies I took an active part in the Student Scientific Circle of Clinical Dietetics and Gastroenterology and I have published several scientific papers.

I devoted my master’s thesis to researching the behavior and state of knowledge about nutrition of people with Hashimoto’s disease.

For several years I have been running my own dietary clinic, where I support in losing excess kilograms and improving health by permanently changing eating habits. The nutrition plan adapts to each patient individually according to their dietary preferences, budget, culinary skills and other needs. In cooperation with the patient, I provide the necessary dietary advice and answer any doubts and support and motivate to achieve the intended goal.

I regularly participate in conferences for nutritionists and doctors, trainings, courses, webinars, update my knowledge from expert journals and review new papers and scientific articles. On social media I share dietary curiosities, tips and news about new offers, promotions and changes in the clinic.

I also graduated from the first degree (engineer degree) in food technology and human nutrition. I worked in a catering establishment that offered dietary catering and I was responsible for planning healthy nutrition for nurseries and kindergartens.

Personally, I am passionate about a broadly understood healthy lifestyle. Starting with a common sense approach to nutrition. By that I mean eating whatever I want, but in a healthy sense of moderation. I have the same approach when working with my patients 😉 A healthy lifestyle is also about daily physical activity. As far as possible, I always choose outdoor activities, such as walking or cycling. It is a pleasure not only for the body, but also for the soul 😉 (immediately a better mood, thanks to the secretion of dopamine and endorphins)

In addition, I often take part in bike rallies and organized races for 5, 10 or 15 km. In 2018 I also took an active part in the Poznań half marathon (I ran over 20 km). Of course, whenever I find the opportunity and time, I gladly put on a sports outfit, a sports band and go for a run (usually about 3-7 km).


  • Hospital im. St. John Paul II (HCP Medical Center) in Poznań – general surgery
  • Nutrivita Dietary Clinic in Poznań
  • Clinical Hospital im. Heliodora Święcicki – Department of Gastroenterology, Metabolic Diseases, Internal Medicine and Dietetics
  • Municipal Hospital. Franciszka Raszei – Department of Diabetology and Internal Diseases


  • psychology in dietetics
  • nutrition and supplementation in endurance sports
  • HACCP certificate
  • marketing in catering and catering establishments
  • diet therapy in hormonal and metabolic disorders
  • diet therapy insulin resistance, diabetes and concomitant diseases and metabolic disorders

Scientific works:

  • “The effect of vegan diet on intestinal microflora”

10 reasons why you should trust me:

  • EDUCATION – I am a qualified nutritionist. I graduated from the Medical University of Poznań
  • KNOWLEDGE – based on current scientific reports (I use available scientific research and regularly attend conferences and specialist trainings)
  • PASSION – privately I am passionate about healthy lifestyle and I love to infect the rest of the world with it 😉
  • COMMON SENSE – a common sense approach to eating is the basis of a healthy relationship with food and enjoying life
  • INDIVIDUAL RECOMMENDATIONS – after conducting an introductory dietary consultation, I prepare individual recommendations for you, in which you will find a handful of information about your disease unit, a list of recommended and contraindicated products and a refined nutrition plan.
  • INDIVIDUAL APPROACH – for me, the general rules of nutrition at the selected medical unit are just a template, which I use when designing the nutrition plan of my ward. Every patient has their own preferences and needs.
  • PERSONALIZED MENU – approaching each patient individually, preparing the menu adapts it to your culinary skills, taste preferences, budget, work schedule.
  • MEALS – when preparing the menu, I take into account the ease of their preparation, your time possibilities and that the products used are easily accessible and tailored to your pocket.
  • ANALYSIS OF PROGRESS – coming to the control consultation I check the effect of our cooperation and discuss next steps.
  • CONTACT – during our cooperation I try to answer all your questions and doubts and inform you when new offers and promotions appear.

Path of education – step by step

2013 – 2016

Secondary school

class with biological and chemical profile

Biochemical profile focused me on the structure and functioning of the human body, including the digestive system and the impact of various factors on health. Passing the baccalaureate allowed me to expand this knowledge by going to the appropriate field of study.

2016 – 2020

University of Life Sciences

field: food technology and human nutrition

While studying food technology and human nutrition, I learned the secrets of production processes and was introduced to the world of human nutrition and the basics of dietetics, which became my subject of interest. It made me realize that I had to start my studies in dietetics.

I got my degree in food engineer.

2017 – 2020

University of Life Sciences

field: dietetics

I learned the secrets of the functioning of the human body and the principles of healthy nutrition. I learned the basics of nutrition in weight loss and diet therapy of civilization diseases.

I have obtained the title of a licensed dietitian, which allows me to start working in the profession.

2020 – 2023

Medical University

field: dietetics

My 2nd degree studies in dietetics helped me to consolidate my acquired knowledge and broaden my horizons in selected issues.

I got my master’s degree in dietetics.

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