Diet assistant for weight loss

Dietitians for weight loss Poznań DiätetikFit offers in its offer a nutrition plan for the process of weight loss. It is a matter of choosing the meals to consist of the products preferred by the patient (of course the recommended ones). The daily diet is easy to prepare, tasty and brings the expected results.

Do you like sweet taste or fast food? There are already many delicious recipes for sweet snacks, yeast, cakes, bars, … A healthier variant of fast food is e.g. a homemade pizza, a homemade hamburger made from wholemeal rolls and lots of vegetables, … There’s always a solution. If you switch to a diet for weight loss, don’t worry that you won’t be able to eat “less healthy meals” from that day on. Here is a nutritionist who will help you find the right eating style to make you enjoy eating and a few pounds healthier 🙂

In its offer, the nutritionist Poznań offers an analysis of the body composition on an analytical scale (where such parameters as: body weight, fat content, muscle mass, hydration of the body, bone mass, …) both during the first and the following inspection visits. This allows us to make the first (not always immediately visible) effects visible 🙂

During the initial consultation, we analyse your health status, your current diet and plan a nutrition plan in individual steps. Therefore, I encourage you to prepare for the first consultation by making a thorough history of your recent state of health and filling out a nutrition diary covering at least the last 3 days.

At the first consultation, the nutritionist will determine the recommended calorie intake in the near future, as well as recommended and non-recommended products. After the consultation, if the patient requests to prepare the meal plan for the period chosen by him, a file containing the pre-fabricated diet is sent to the e-mail address specified by him, together with the dietary recommendations and the individually selected dietary supplement.

Why it is worth losing weight under the supervision of a nutritionist?

The process of losing weight is based on the so-called “alternative diets” or ways that you have heard somewhere on the road, read on the Internet are not always safe and effective for everyone. There’s a high risk of them getting a yo-yo effect, which is very often demotivating, isn’t it? The yo-yo effect is only one of the “less dangerous” effects of such restrictions. The far more dangerous consequences are organ damage, hormonal disturbances or other health and life-threatening damage.

A nutritionist will guide you through the whole process of weight loss from start to finish in a safe, effective and long-lasting way. The process of losing weight should be to change your eating habits for the rest of your life for your health (Worth it!)

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