Mission of the company

Zuzanna Rosińska, a representative of DietetetykFit, as a certified dietitian, wants to provide support for medical treatment, spread nutrition education and offer help and motivation in changing eating habits and achieving proper body weight. The aim of our activity is health prevention, nutritional support for treatment of selected units of civilization diseases, carrying through a difficult process of changing eating habits and a healthy and pleasant process of weight loss (without yo-yo effect). With us, it’s possible.

Zuzanna Rosińska is a clinical dietitian, thanks to her master’s studies in the field of dietetics at the Medical University. Karol Marcinkowski in Poznań. Hence, she has extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, the basics of medicine (characteristics of diseases) and diet therapy of diseases. Knowing that the problem of excess weight may lie not only at the root of a high-calorie diet, but also coexist with the occurrence of civilization diseases, he focuses on the cause and takes appropriate steps to help the patient.

As a health promoter, the dietitian also focuses on preventive (preventive) activities, such as nutrition and health education. The activities are mainly focused on: maintaining an Instagram profile, Facebook fanpage, blog with articles, thematic webinars, live on social networks, participation in local and global events and other activities.

Dietary counseling is aimed at psychological and substantive help in the effective and effective introduction of changes in eating habits, thanks to which you will achieve improved health, and at the same time improve the figure, in a safe way for you. This will prevent the yo-yo effect that was probably created if you have already used any diets, such as Adele, Atkins, etc.

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