Nutrition advice Poznań

Nutrition advice Poznań – Nutritionist Zuzanna Rosińska DieetykFit

You’d like to lose weight. You’ve tried to go on a diet a few times. You have already done different types of diets. And you still have the yo-yo effect? Or do you need a nutritional therapy of the detected disease unit? Instead of reading all the available online sources full of “tips”, you might want to ask about the aspects of healthy eating you’re interested in, such as a nutritionist.

Do you want to lose a few pounds, but don’t want to torment yourself with restrictive miracle diets and give up the delicacies you eat every day? Do you not have time to prepare complicated meals or just do not know what and how to eat to lose weight? If you answered YES to all these questions, this is the sign to seek the help of a specialist who will help you choose a diet for your lifestyle, so that it is fast, cheap and tasty.

Nutritional advice is also aimed at patients who need nutritional support for certain disease units, the so-called diet therapy. This consultation includes a detailed assessment of the patient’s medical case, an analysis of the patient’s nutritional status and the selection of an individual nutrition plan.

Nutrition advice is aimed at people who want to change their eating habits or know how to judge the right choice of the right foods. The expert will also answer the question whether the information you read on the Internet is fact or myth.

During the dietary consultation you will also find out whether a supplement with vitamins or minerals is necessary in your case. In addition to preparing the right meal plan and determining the right diet plan (e.g. distribution of meals, size and number of servings), you also have the opportunity to perform an analysis of your body composition.

Nutrition counselling also includes counselling sessions where the patient can ask questions about nutrition, food storage, healthy preparation techniques, nutritional characteristics of the chosen disease unit and many other aspects related to food and nutrition.

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