Nutritionists in Poznań

Poznań nutritionist Zuzanna Rosińska selects an individual diet plan for each patient and composes delicious and healthy meals.

The nutritionist Ing. Susanna Rosińska is trained in the field of knowledge of food technology and human nutrition and defends the title of Engineer and Dietetics. She is involved in the Student Science Circle for Clinical Dietetics and the Student Science Circle for Gastroenterology and Dietetics of the Medical University, participates in medical conferences, provides nutritional advice and publishes interesting and innovative scientific papers.

She gained her professional experience through internships in diet catering, restaurants, nutrition advice centres and hospitals. With her knowledge, she began working as a nutritionist at the Aestetic Clinic.

Nutrition advice at the nutritionist Susanna Rosińska is based on an individual approach to each patient, professional nutrition advice and support in introducing new eating habits. The nutritionist shares what he has learned in a friendly and understandable way.

The encouraging element of the weight loss process with the nutritionist Zuzanna Rosińska are delicious and healthy meals based on the preferred products, and the entire diet plan is chosen in such a way that it does not interfere with the patient’s work schedule and daily schedule. This makes it easier to introduce new eating habits.

Nutritionist Susanna Rosińska specializes in the fight against overweight and obesity, nutritional support for endocrine diseases, autoimmune diseases, anaemia, certain gastro-enetrological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and insulin resistance as well as nutrition during exercise, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

During the dietary consultation, which takes place in the practice, the patient can use the analysis of the body composition on the analytical scale of the company Tanita. It uses the BIA method, i.e. the electrical bioimpedance of parameters such as fat content, muscle tissue, bone mass hydration and many others.

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