Online nutritionist

Online nutritionist
Nutritionist Dipl. Ing. Zuzanna Rosińska, Clinical Nutritionist, Author of many scientific papers, has appeared in several conferences and training sessions, organizer and moderator of thematic webinars, educational activities and workshops, has often worked in hospitals, clinics and catering establishments (including preparing a meal). Plan for dietary catering). Training courses, courses and reading up-to-date medical reports...

The online nutritionist offers you the opportunity to seek advice from a nutritionist if you are unable to visit a clinic. Ideal for people who have a lot to do or live far away from the establishment where the nutritionist is staying. For such situations, there is online diet advice. You save the time you need to get to the facility.

Online nutrition advice and advice is a practical solution that allows and facilitates you to use the services of a nutritionist from every corner of the world, wherever you are. The online nutritionist will take care of your health just like the consultation in the advice centre. He or she conducts a detailed health and nutrition interview, answers all your questions and eliminates any ambiguities, prepares an individual diet plan and prepares a menu for the agreed period.

During the online consultation, the nutritionist will address the patient individually. Using all possible security measures, the consultation will be conducted under conditions that allow the retention of your personal data and health information.

Why consult online nutritionists?

On the Internet you will find many websites, forums and blogs that do not always provide reliable and scientifically proven information that can mislead you. In some situations, they can even be a dangerous situation for your health or even your life. Therefore, it is advisable to seek advice from professionals, experts in a specific field (including medicine), who will ensure your safety by recommending changes in eating habits only confirmed by many studies.

The online nutritionist allows you to use its services remotely, without leaving the house, and when the nutritionist you want to visit receives in another city. Consultation with an online nutritionist usually also has shorter waiting times for an appointment.

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