Who I am


I am a clinical dietitian and psychodietician, and my passion is to help people achieve health and well-being by changing their eating habits.

My approach to dietetics is based on a holistic approach to health, which means that I treat the body and mind as an inseparable whole. I believe that the key to health and happiness is a balance in everyday life, and diet and lifestyle are key to maintaining that balance.

In my work I use the latest research and knowledge in the field of nutrition and health, as well as my experience as a dietitian and psychodietician. Thanks to this, I am able to adapt the nutrition plan and counseling to the individual needs and goals of each of my clients.

If you have health problems or want to improve your eating habits, feel free to contact me. Together we can create a nutrition and lifestyle plan that will help you achieve your goals and feel better than ever before.

Contact me today and start your journey to health and happiness!

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