Boxing diet

The Box Diet is an increasingly popular solution for people who are busy or do not know how to prepare meals, but want to make sure their diet is high in calories and nutrition is correct.

The boxing diet includes diet catering and lunch boxes.

The boxing diet is mostly used by people who want to get rid of excessive pounds or by athletes. However, you should first consult with a nutritionist about energy requirements (calorie content of a full-day diet) and macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats).

Does the boxing diet have any weaknesses?

  • If you like to cook, then cook yourself;)

Try to take the time to prepare meals for yourself or the whole family. If, unfortunately, you are so hectic during the week that you do not find time to cook, then take advantage of the wide range of diet catering companies.

You can also use takeaway restaurants or buy ready meals (only not frozen and not out of the package):) Take time to cook on weekends. You can also prepare a larger amount of dishes, such as lunch and warm it up on a working day.

  • no way to compose a dish according to your own taste and find in it products that we don’t like in diet catering
  • High costs for dietary catering

The prices for the Box Diet can vary between 50 PLN and 500 PLN (or more) depending on the location, number of calories, duration of the order and type of diet.

  • not for all places catering is able to prove your order
  • unannounced meeting with friends or dinner for two

This may confuse our assumptions about the calorie content of the diet and nutrient supply.

  • if you use the catering service, you cannot check the composition of certain products

Both in terms of the composition of the product and its origin.

  • Difficult to access diets for certain disease units

There are many allergies that make it impossible to resort to a free boxing diet.

  • No environmentally friendly packaging

In the production of dietetic catering of plastic packaging, we consume at least. 5 times a day the entire duration of diet catering orders. The only solution is your boxing diet with reusable glass or plastic boxes.

Advantages of the Boxing Diet

  • Balanced nutrition

When you order diet catering, you get balanced meals in terms of calories and nutritional supply. You don’t have to worry about taking the right amount of it.

If you prepare your own meals in the box, e.g. for work/school, this is a quick and convenient option if you don’t have the time or conditions to prepare your meals on site.

  • Time saving and convenience

Catering saves you time to prepare meals and ready meals to take home. We also save time when shopping.

  • wide range of types of diets

On the market, there are many companies that offer diet catering services that exceed the price of the service and the number of diets. Practically for everyone, e.g. vegetarians, vegans, lactose-free, gluten-free diets, athletes etc.

  • Reduces the risk of snacking between meals

If we have the right amount of calories in our boxing diet, we do not have to worry about whether we will be hungry and reduce the frequency we think about eating. If we are hungry, grab the ready box and eat;)

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