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Addiction to sweets

Addiction to sweets is a growing problem in the 21st century. Excessive sugar consumption that gets out of control is the risk of excess calories during the day or health consequences such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease or hormonal disturbances. Back in the 1980s, no one would have thought that highly processed products containing
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odchudź swoje dziecko

Skinny your child

Skinny your child with a nutritionist. Statistics on the state of health of children and young people are alarming. Every 3 child/youth has a problem with obesity, of which every 3 child/youth is obese. In more than 90% of cases, the problem of excessive kilograms is the result of an incorrect diet based on fast food and foods high in simple sugar
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Jak kształtować zdrowe nawyki żywieniowe

How to Develop Healthy Eating Habits

How to develop healthy eating habits? Regardless of age, it is always the right time to learn healthy eating habits. To shape them as a child and to change them as an adult. “The best time to learn healthy habits is childhood and adolescence. During this time, our body, actually our brain, is most receptive to learning habits and beliefs. But
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Dieta dla zabieganych

Diet for the busy

Diet for the Busy, i.e. some practical tips on how to take the time to prepare healthy meals throughout the day. Contrary to appearances, we don’t have time to prepare meals, or we often don’t have ideas for a healthy but fast food. As a result, we often eat irregularly, from the jump or choose ready-made products or meals (we even choose t
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Jak radzić sobie z napadami jedzenia i zajadaniem stresu

How to cope with eating fits and stress eating

How do I deal with eating fits and stress consumption? - says nutritionist Susanna Rosińska Excessive stress reactions cause devastation to the body. The blood sugar level drops rapidly and the adrenal glands have produced excess cortisol and adrenaline, which has led to a decrease in well-being and weakening of the body (decreased levels of d
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The most common mistakes in weight loss

The most common mistakes in weight loss – a guide in which you will find the answer why you still can not get rid of excess pounds. Are you already on a diet to lose weight and the yo-yo effect keeps coming back to you? Find out what might be the cause! First, do not experiment with popular weight loss diets. Each of them has its drawbacks, w
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