Diet for the busy

Diet for the Busy, i.e. some practical tips on how to take the time to prepare healthy meals throughout the day.

Contrary to appearances, we don’t have time to prepare meals, or we often don’t have ideas for a healthy but fast food. As a result, we often eat irregularly, from the jump or choose ready-made products or meals (we even choose the catering, but it is not so cheap).

It is worthwhile to prepare meals at home, because only then do we have control over what they contain. Start with SAVING TIME in the kitchen and you will find that from now on you will not be spending so much in it. Good logistics is the key to success.

The first method, which you probably already know, is simply to prepare larger portions. Thus, you can already have 2 healthy meals a day or the next at once. But you can also be sure you’re not wasting food by using everything to prepare your meals for the day. The cooking of soups also works here. It is known in advance that this is a dish for several times, which will save you time in the following days.

If you have this option on “slower” days, you can prepare some food suggestions and freeze them or at least put them in the fridge and you’ll have your meal ready for the next day.

If you boil a large amount of water, you can use a kettle to do so by boiling at least some of the required water in it, saving you time and electricity or gas 😉

Stewed dishes (or even the use of a thermomix) are becoming more and more fashionable. You can also cook several meals at once. It is also worth taking care of high-quality kitchen appliances and accessories, such as properly sharpened knives, peelers etc.

Plan meals for the whole day!

Try to find an exact period in which you should eat, how and what you eat.

Before planning shopping, it is advisable to use the so-called check of cabinets and fridges or freezers and when planning the meals you already have at home. They will reduce both money and the risk of food waste.

If you don’t have an idea for healthy meals, use the online recipe database. You can suggest the preparation time, the amount of ingredients or even the products to use. Let’s go!

If you have the opportunity to take the time in the morning to prepare breakfast, to prepare 2 meals to take to work, school or study, or even to make some lunch, it’s worth it. And if you prefer to eat out, choose ready-made meals with a good composition or combine your meals with high-quality ingredients. Even if you can’t afford to eat in restaurants, you should avoid frequent fast food restaurants 😉

Remember that over time you will learn to do things faster. Don’t give up so easily 😉

Diet for the Busy – some practical tips from the nutritionist

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