Diet for the summer

Diet for the summer is a set of “golden rules” to seasonally and inexpensively get a beautiful figure and take care of your health.

Summer is associated with beautiful weather, sunny, hot days and warm nights. Which is more conducive to an active lifestyle. Nice walks in nature, recreational cycling or swimming in the lake. It is worth at least this time of year to take care of daily physical activity. But as you know, traffic is healthy at any time of the year.

Summer is healthy, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, berries, tomatoes, etc. It is worth including them in your diet, because frozen or imported foods are no longer as tasty and have the same nutritional value as fresh foods.

Heat? Who wouldn’t want ice cream then? By maintaining the right proportions of healthy products to processed and sweet ones, we can afford them. A healthier choice will always be sorbet than ice cream made with cream. After all, let’s try to look at the composition if we have to be careful about the sugar contained in the products, as it happens that in sorbets it is an additive.

Diet for the summer

The most important rule of nutrition to lose weight for the summer and during the summer is MODERATION and SEASONALITY. The principle that promotes weight loss is a negative energy balance. It means providing enough calories to cover the body’s needs for basic physiological processes and energy spent in the form of physical activity.

An interesting fact, and at the same time often widely circulated myth is that the body burns fat tissue only locally. I often meet with questions: “How to get rid of folds / ribs from the abdomen, How to lose weight from thighs, How to get rid of bacon, …”. If you take the right conditions for the body to get rid of excess fat tissue, I assure you that its amount decreases from every part of the body the same, but maybe in some places it is not so spectacular and quickly noticeable.

Freshness and seasonality apply to raw materials almost all year round, but in spring and summer it is more accessible. That’s why it’s worth choosing fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and other food products that Mother Earth gives at a given time of year 🙂

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