First breakfast

First breakfast – why is it so important? This is best explained by the car. Yeah, that’s the car. It is not wrong that after one night our body has an empty tank. If we don’t charge anything in it, there won’t be any impulse. Everyone wants to be full of energy, happy and healthy.

The first breakfast – energy for the start

Of the nutrients, sugar is responsible for the energy supply of the body. After one night our blood sugar levels are low, so we have to eat a carbohydrate meal in the morning. Not only diabetics are recommended to eat multiple sugars (sucrose, starch, etc.).

What happens if I don’t eat my “first breakfast”?

In this case, there is an increased risk of carbohydrate disturbances and related diseases, including diabetes. In addition to the pathological changes, difficulties in concentration, low mood, chronic tiredness, skin problems, dehydration of the body, loss of the immune system and many other diseases may occur.

Some ideas for a healthy and fast “first breakfast”

  • Oat porridge on milk with raisins/cranberries/bananas/apple etc.
  • Deer beetles on milk with fruits
  • Sandwiches based on rye bread/rye bread
  • Chia pudding with fruits (prepare best in the evening)
  • Granola with milk or yogurt (best to make it yourself)
  • Omelet with vegetables
  • Pancakes or crabs

What to eat and what to avoid?

First of all, we don’t overfly each other, this rule applies to every meal. It is especially important during the final meal. After all, after breakfast we need to feel full, but not overeated.

As already mentioned, you should eat complex carbohydrates for breakfast. This will satisfy our hunger for a long time and help us to limit the urge to snack between meals.

It is also important to make our meals varied so that they don’t get bored quickly. It may be that you are not prepared to eat breakfast, which would not be advisable. Breakfast dishes should contain all the right nutrients to ensure that the body functions well during the day.

The best ingredients for our breakfast meals are: whole grains, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, eggs, nuts, healthy drinks (100% juices, tea, coffee)

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