Food safety

What does “food safety” mean? Why is it so important these days? How can food threaten us? What is the challenge facing food producers? I will try to answer all these questions.

All food additives, including dyes, preservatives, propellants and many others, pose a potential risk to the human body. Perhaps not immediately, from today, from tomorrow, but in a few years or more the effects of its long-term effect will be felt.

All the substances that are artificially manufactured in the lab appear to be “fit”, but it is a silent killer that can be detected over time.

Our world of people has billions of people, no longer living beings, who need to be fed. A few thousand years earlier in time, the situation was different. There were fewer people, which means less food is needed. The natural resources that serve as a source of food have been able to recover.

Today, it is the question of food producers how to supply food throughout the world without endangering natural resources. The simplest and cheapest method was to make food ingredients artificially.

Food security – the misery of our time

Some of the fish are poisoned by micro-metal particles, and the agricultural fields near the industrial plants are also dangerous. Another element in the food chain is animals that feed on contaminated grass, and feed also has an impact on our subpoisoning.

Scientific and technical progress affects not only the food ingredients themselves, but also the methods of processing and preservation. Of course, there are plenty of safe ways to handle food, but there are always risks.

At the same time, microbes and, above all, pathogens are dangerous to our health and our lives. We are not able to eliminate them completely, but only reduce their quantity and their ability to reproduce or have threatening effects.

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