Healthy nutrition

Healthy eating is a way of eating according to certain rules and changing habits, both in terms of eating and behaviour. This will help you enjoy life longer and have a beautiful figure. A healthy diet is the prevention of diseases and healthy weight loss.

Healthy eating is based on adhering to the right proportions of foods that are represented in the pyramid of healthy eating. You can not forget the basis of what physical activity is.

Healthy eating includes, above all, a sensible attitude to eating, the right balance and regularity of meals, a variety of foods (to prevent the development of deficiencies) and the reduction of certain foods or their ingredients.

Healthy Nutrition – Attitude

We often read various forums, opinions, Dr. Google and other sources, often unproven, before launching, based on the opinions and judgments of people who are not really trained in the field.

Consultation with a specialist or reading information from proven sources is an important step. It is also important not to bow to stereotypes or majority opinion without first checking their correctness.

If you’re just starting to get used to the world of healthy eating, it’s best to get familiar with your motivation right from the start, outline your goal and make it concrete.

Healthy nutrition = balanced nutrition

It is worth giving the body everything it needs to function properly. It is a matter of relying on sensible nutrition and healthy products. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease or obesity.

I would like to encourage you to familiarise yourself with the new food pyramid, which clearly indicates which foods (with more nutrients) should be consumed. The most important rule of a balanced diet is to eat 5 meals a day, but smaller portions of each.

When eating a healthy diet, the most important rule is to make sure you do not exceed your calorie limit and to ensure a sufficient supply of macro (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

I hope I don’t have to tell you how important a constant hydration is!!!!

If you do not suffer from any disease (including diabetes) or are overweight, it is allowed to eat a moderate amount of products with a sweet taste (if you want), or perhaps a healthier version of fast food (chips made from sweet potatoes or baked potatoes with low fat, burgers with whole grain rolls, vegetables and Meat – preferably baked or fried in a small amount of fat).

The best helper for a healthy lifestyle is daily physical activity. Make sure you walk, train, dance or relax with yoga at least 30 minutes a day 😉

Exercise promotes the release of happiness hormones (endorphins and dopamine) and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and bone-joint diseases.

If you have achieved success at work or at school, remember that your reward is not food. The same applies when something goes wrong. The penalty and reward system must not be linked to food.

You don’t have time to cook – order diet catering

If you have an active lifestyle, are constantly on the move, do not have a mind to think about what to eat, then diet catering is the ideal option for you. You can order 5 meals a day with a certain amount of calories and different options, e.g. vegan meals etc.

Take care of what you eat today!!!

Principles of Healthy Nutrition

If we want to eat healthily, we should keep some important principles in mind. Eat regularly to promote the right amount of energy during the day, increase well-being and maintain an appropriate body weight. It should be taken from 3-5 meals a day.

The products should be natural and as little processed as possible. Let’s do without fast food, ready meals and products with many ingredients. Instead, you should eat fruits and vegetables. They are a source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. It is good to know that vegetables should make up 3⁄4 of the daily portion and fruit 1/4 of the daily portion. Fruit should be eaten once a day. If we eat them twice a day, they have to be added the second time. The daily intake should not exceed 200-300 g, as the fruits are rich in simple sugars and promote fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Let’s not forget to limit our carbohydrate intake. Too many carbohydrates are not necessary, and it is best to replace them with fats. By reducing carbohydrates, we achieve a reduction in insulin fluctuation and a higher saturation. Choose good carbohydrates such as: whole grains (sourdough bread) or grits (quinoa, buckwheat).

Healthy nutrition also includes preparing meals with steam, so that no water-soluble ingredients are lost. Let’s limit frying, which produces harmful trans fatty acids. Diet should be based on healthy fats – coconut oil, olive oil, linseed oil or grape oil. Avocados and nuts are also healthy. Let’s not forget the fish, which is very healthy and a source of beneficial omega-3 acids. Let’s give up sweet drinks and sugar.

Visit to a nutritionist

If you have problems with your weight or eating a healthy diet, you should consult a nutritionist who will analyze your weight and diet. Nutritionist Poznań will prescribe a new healthy diet or make minor changes to the current one, which will lead to weight loss.

Before seeing a nutritionist, the patient should take a three-day meal with him or her, which he or she uses at home. This allows you to analyze your current diet and determine whether your diet is healthy or not. During the dietary consultation, an analysis of the body composition is carried out, which allows the calculation of the body composition (water content, fat and muscles in the body).

Before visiting a nutritionist in Poznań, it is best not to eat three or four hours. Bring up-to-date blood tests and a list of medications or supplements on your first visit. After the interview with the patient, the nutritionist Poznań prepares a detailed healthy diet that will be valuable and will allow you to lose extra pounds.

Do you lack the motivation to make your eating habits healthier? I invite you to make use of the possibilities offered by nutrition counseling, nutrition counseling or the advice of a psycho-dietician. You can make an appointment for a nutrition consultation.

Healthy nutrition – Nutritionist Poznań

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