How should a holiday diet look like

What should a holiday diet look like? Should we introduce restrictions in our diet already in the spring? Is it possible to maintain weight until returning from vacation? All these questions will be answered by our nutritionist Zuzanna Rosińska

Everyone planning a holiday in the summer would like to have an impeccable figure and be able to take pleasure in this free time. Who wouldn’t want to try all the regional delicacies and traditional dishes at least once? After all, that’s why an expedition into the unknown, to discover the flavors there.

As a nutritionist, I will continue to emphasize that the way of our nutrition should not be based on spring-summer restrictions and indulging in the autumn-winter period. Work on healthy eating habits is ongoing throughout the year. Maintaining the correct body weight is an important preventive element of many civilization diseases.

Even if we start to lose weight on the first day of spring, then it is healthy to make sense that we should not introduce so many calorie restrictions from day to day and stop eating fast food and sweets. Every change in habits is a process that requires time and systematic steps of change, step by step. Healthy weight reduction takes place at a rate of 0.5-1 kg per week. Therefore, in such a short time, do not expect spectacular effects so quickly.

Any drastic restriction will have a negative impact on the body, or rather on our health. This can lead to many nutritional deficiencies and even malnutrition. What during the period, the so-called indulgence can result in overeating, which will be even more dangerous for our health.

It is therefore best to maintain a normal body weight throughout the year to avoid weight jumps. It will definitely be the healthiest for our body. However, if we are overweight and our dream holiday is approaching, do not panic and harm yourself by applying dietary restrictions. And during the holidays do not fall into paranoia and be afraid to use the goodness of a piece of land 😉

This is also a good time to think about changing your habits.

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