How to cope with eating fits and stress eating

How do I deal with eating fits and stress consumption? – says nutritionist Susanna Rosińska

Excessive stress reactions cause devastation to the body. The blood sugar level drops rapidly and the adrenal glands have produced excess cortisol and adrenaline, which has led to a decrease in well-being and weakening of the body (decreased levels of dopamine and endorphins – happiness hormones), which makes us feel the desire to quickly recharge our batteries and feel joy ( Very often combined with sweets and highly processed foods rich in simple sugars).

Stress is an essential part of our lives, but there are two forms: motivating and destructive (destructive). The latter, in turn, has a very negative effect on the body, especially if it is chronic. It can impair the body’s immune system and thus increase the risk of autoimmune diseases or cancer cells.

There are two types of stress reactions: appetite suppressants and uncontrollable gluttony (compulsive binge eating). Both are dangerous to health. The feeling of so-called “stomach blockage or esophagus”, nausea or simply apathy is the worse side, but even in this situation a solution can be found. In most cases, it is the only right decision for one or the other situation to consult a specialist, such as a psycho dietician or psychologist, who will help you find the best way to cope with stress. In the case of compulsive gluttony, however, there is a recipe for relieving emotions in a different way than eating stress. A good choice is the physical activity that we enjoy (cycling, running, swimming, moderate pace, etc.), a warm, fragrant bath with candles and relaxation music, watching a movie or reading a few chapters of a captivating book (but remember, it’s not related to food), or maybe Autogenic Training or ASM R hear, clean up the apartment or refurbish peace (even around us Feng Snuj will improve us enough Mood).

Perhaps it is useful to carry out a morphological examination for a deficiency of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin D and B vitamins. This is the so-called physiological response of the body to the lack of them occurring in the body, but it manifests itself especially in situations of increased stress response.

How do I deal with eating fits and stress consumption? – advises nutritionist Zuzanna Rosińska DieteticsFit

Would you like to seek advice from a nutritionist to curb emotional binge eating attacks? DO NOT FALL and ask for help today! Together we can make it 😉

This article does not refer to cases of eating disorders such as chronic obsessive binge eating, paroxysmal dinner, bulimia and other disease units.

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