How to eat healthy and not go bankrupt

How to eat healthy and not go broke? This is a frequently asked question to nutritionists and nutritionists.

Consumers believe that healthy food is expensive. Although the food market has changed dramatically over the past year, due to persistent droughts. Nevertheless, I want to show you that you can eat healthy without going bankrupt;)

A healthy diet contains a balanced amount of important nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. There are several ways to survive a whole year on a healthy diet without risking bankruptcy.

How do you prepare for this?

The most important thing with every food purchase is planning. This concerns the planning of the next meal (2-3 days in advance), the number of servings of a given meal and the financial situation (how much we can spend on certain purchases).

Before you go shopping, it is best to make a shopping list with only the products that are necessary for us. I would like to encourage you to avoid shelves, because they pose the risk of spending more money and there is a risk that the label of the products will consist of the “Mendeleev Table”;)

It is not worth shopping on an empty stomach, because when we are hungry, we are prone to marketing tricks that can ruin our health and our wallet.

If possible, do not take children with you, we often accommodate their wishes. Unfortunately, children are subject to more marketing tricks than adults (products advertised on TV and merchandising* in stores)

*Merchandising – Marketing activities whose core is the ability to sell products and influence customer behavior, including placing different famous characters from movies, cartoons, etc. on the product packaging and the placement of the product data in a suitable place depending on the intended use (age and interests of the customers).

How to eat healthy and not go broke? – a few tips

  • Products with a short shelf life are often overrated (or at least should be)
  • Buy only a few products to last 2-3 days – avoid wasting food
  • seasonal products usually have low prices because it is in the interest of producers to sell them quickly
  • it is worth knowing which ingredients are harmful and poisonous for us, thus eliminating the possibility of food poisoning
  • it is worth reading the composition of the products – now more and more cheap products have this composition really good
  • Prepare your own “products” as far as possible, e. g. flour, pasta, herbs and spices, bakery products, silage, etc.
  • Candy is cheap, but it’s addictive, so there’s a chance you’ll buy too much of it.
  • Vegetables and fruits from good sources (not sprayed) at a good price can also be found, you just have to search;)
  • If you manage to buy cheap products in bulk and prepare a meal for several servings, freeze – you save time and money for the next meal

How to eat healthy and not go broke? I think it’s okay. Nothing difficult for the willing. Just take a little more time.

I know that TIME is very valuable these days, but prevention is better than cure. One day you can pay for this “lack of time today” with health or even with life. ” You have the choice;)

How to eat healthy and not go broke? – says nutritionist online

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