How to lose weight after 40 years

Who said you can’t take care of your weight after 40? Both going through the weight loss process and maintaining normal body weight is possible at any age. As a clinical dietitian, I will agree with the fact that after reaching 40 years of age, it is more difficult and more time-consuming, but not impossible. The worst enemies of fast metabolic rate are age and reduced hormone production or lack thereof.


At the very beginning I will mention to you about regular preventive examinations and systematic medical consultations. Not only people over the age of 40 should adhere to this rule. Health also has a huge impact on the quality and speed of metabolism, but it is also important to implement changes in habits and possible pharmacotherapy and diet therapy if necessary.

If we are already on the subject of laboratory tests and health issues, it should also be stressed here about the importance of maintaining the correct level of hormone concentrations for the proper work and functioning of the body, but they also have a huge impact on metabolism.

Physical activity

After 40 years of age, the consequence of the natural aging process of the body is a slowing down of fat metabolism and a decrease in lean muscle mass. The older we are, the more our metabolism slows down and this limits our energy intake from fats, which contributes to the increase in body fat.

Secondly, the amount of muscle mass naturally decreases (not to be confused with sarcopenia disease). With age, we decrease the amount of physical activity, which is the main cause of muscle loss. So how can we prevent this? It’s simple! It would be best if you went to the gym or stock up on weights. In turn, if such strength exercises cause you pain or any ailment, it is worth going to a physiotherapist who will help you in the rehabilitation of an old injury, can also prepare you for painless workouts, relieving pain in joints and muscles.

If you continue to struggle with joint pain or other ailments, Pilates or yoga classes may be a better choice, during which specialists will select the right exercises so that they are safe for you. It is also worth considering activities in the pool, exercises in the water relieve the joints, which will allow you to increase the range of motion, what is more, the calorie consumption is about approx. 30 percent higher in water than on land, due to the resistance that water creates. You can also go for a walk, cycling, elliptical cross trainer, stationary bike, dancing, …

It is important to just move, so as to increase muscle mass.


Slowing down your metabolism means you burn fewer calories than you did when you were 20. If you continue to consume the same amount of calories as you used to, and at the same time reduce the amount of exercise during the day, it will cause the excess energy consumed to be stored in the form of body fat and your body weight will increase.

You should definitely analyze your “new” lifestyle in terms of the amount of exercise and the quality of your diet. I recommend keeping the right amount of physical activity, but if this is not possible, reduce the calories of the diet so as not to gain extra kilograms. If you are already struggling with excess body weight, you should follow the rules of a reduction diet (reduced in calories).

It is absolutely necessary to eliminate from your diet junk – processed food, which after 40 years of age even more increases the risk of developing diseases such as: diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diseases of the bone system, sarcopenia and many others. It is necessary to increase the amount of vegetables and fruits, whole grains and lean proteins.

Do not use fashionable diets, such as keto, juice, Adele and others under any circumstances!


More work responsibilities, family responsibilities, emotional distractions? It is the most common cause of stress in the period of 40-60 years of age. The consequence may often be emotional eating or irregular eating due to an overloaded schedule during the day. Learn to control stress by learning how to deal with emotions or relaxation techniques. Think of it as a pill. Take care only of proper nutrition and daily physical activity. If you need help, consult a doctor, psychologist or dietitian/psychodietician.

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