How to take care of a healthy diet in summer?

How to take care of a healthy diet in summer in order to also be able to enjoy the charms of summer? How to eat tasty and take care of the correct body weight throughout? These few tips will help you enjoy sunny and warm days, relax during your holiday and not have to worry about coming back from it a few kilos more 🙂

I cordially encourage you to take advantage of individual dietary advice with a dietitian

One of the most important principles of a common-sense approach to diet not only for the summer, but also for the whole year, is to listen to your body, so that the meals you eat are both part of a healthy diet and pleasure. The saying repeated from generation to generation “Everything is for people, only moderation is necessary” best illustrates the essence of this principle.

Summer is a time of year when enjoying the fullness of life comes the desire for seasonal products, cooling products on hot days and siping colourful drinks. Nothing stands in the way of enjoying such pleasures. It is worth reaching for seasonal products, especially those that come from your home country.

Eating ice cream on hot days also should not be perceived as a “sin” or giving up a diet. You want it, eat it! The diet to help get rid of excess body weight also can not be a restrictive diet, especially introduced violently, collecting all possible “heard” rules.

Well, then, what about drinks and beer or wine? It’s not a “sin” either. Just remember, alcohol is also calories and it’s empty. This means that even if you drink a glass of alcohol, you will not provide the nutrients.

It is often said that the golden rule of a common-sense approach to nutrition is the 80/20 rule. Meaning 80% unprocessed food and 20% more processed food, which can be equal to 1-2 “more processed” products.

However, if you are a person who is just starting a journey to reduce weight or have such a health need, I encourage you to contact a specialist who will advise you on how to reach the correct weight in a pleasant way, without losing the charms of summer.

Of course, you should not forget about an active lifestyle, as this is the best recipe for maintaining a proper energy balance and body health 🙂

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