Nutritional education

Nutrition education should start early in life. I am referring to kindergartens and primary schools. Why? The child learns from his parents how to eat without noticing it. That’s why it’s important to set a good example for your children. The child’s eating habits go out of the house, and he finds it very difficult to change them. Because he thinks they’re right, even though they’re not.

Which products prevailed in the schools?

You can start by selling food in different ways. There are vending machines, there are shops and so on. Until 4 years ago, the products and meals you could get there frightened both parents and nutritionists. The list of these foods is long, and there was only a very small amount of healthy food.

Harmful foods included chips, high-sugar bars, energy drinks and isotonic drinks, soft drinks, high-salt snacks, sweets, fast food, sweet dairy products, sugary fruit and vegetable products, drinks with synthetic dyes and much more.

Obesity – change required

Since 2000, the World Health Organization has recorded a rapid increase in overweight and obese people. This includes a very high proportion of young people as young as 11 years of age. There are already cases of younger children. These really aren’t remittances anymore. At this age, overweight or obesity is a major threat to the health and even the life of the child.

After the introduction of the law, educational institutions were obliged to change their product range. This was very displeasing to young consumers. The queues at the shops migrated to the vending machines or, if none were available, to a nearby shop. As you can see, foods high in sugar and salt are addictive, and changing bad habits will be a great achievement.

Nutrition education

If healthy food is already being introduced into schools and kindergartens, then that should be the case.

Explain to the child why and for what purpose? Nutrition education is an important step in developing good eating habits. It will have a fundamental impact on the child’s future. Nutrition education should take place not only in educational institutions but also at home.

What impact does nutrition have on children?

The nutrients supplied with the diet influence the growth and development of the body, the concentration, the proper functioning of the body, but also the behaviour and many other aspects.

With the harmful diet the children gave themselves, they certainly did not take care of themselves. This had corresponding effects.

I hope people’s mentality will change soon. Why cure how you can prevent. Is it worth destroying health for “harmful pleasures” Healthy food can also be enjoyable and provides entertainment and pleasure during the preparation. So let’s cook healthy and delicious 🙂

For those who are willing, I am happy to offer group or individual courses on any topic 😉 For more information, see the consultation with a nutritionist and price list.

As a nutritionist with many years of experience, I see the need to spread nutrition education not only to preschool children, primary school children and students, but also to parents and every adult.

Nutrition education – not only for children

Although nutrition education is most effective for children and young people, as they are most likely to change habits and educate them, it is also of great importance for adults and older people. It is never too late to change anything, especially when it comes to preventing or treating diseases of civilization. Even small changes have an effect.

Nutrition education – prevention of obesity and diet-related diseases | Author of the text Nutritionist Poznań Zuzanna Rosińska

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