Nutritional Matrix

Nutritional Matrix – “Which tablet do you choose?”

Did you know you live in a nutritional matrix? You do not know that the food market is dominated by “superprocessing. ” This article was inspired by a wonderful book I recently read “Eat real food” by Carlos Rios.

After reading the book, I realized what reality I live in. I agree 100. 000% with the author. I want to share his findings with you.

Products available on the market are classified according to their degree of processing: minimally processed, well processed and superprocessed. In this article, we want to focus on the latter group, because they have flooded our food market.

“You are what you eat!” I bet you’ve already had that sentence. There are many memes about it, but today I want to show you that there is even a spark of truth. Maybe it’s not literally that when you eat fast food, you turn into a hamburger, but what you eat has a big impact on you. Not today, not tomorrow, but after the time.

“Unhealthy eating is a slow and quiet killer” that will not be noticeable for a few or even ten years. I want to warn you today of the danger you’re putting yourself in.

Nutritional Matrix – State Policy and Economic Cunning

In the 21st century, as you know, there is a fairly developed marketing system that greatly appreciates the power of advertising and the creativity of the workers in the food industry.

Food companies are constantly evolving both technically and in marketing. How do you say “show must go on”? Although there is more and more talk about a healthy lifestyle, the producers have to live off something.

Creative people who go with the times will always come up with something that people buy. Interesting packaging, advertisements on packaging, TV commercials that influence our brain, advertise influencers and food authorities, and cover up counterfeit products.

Carlos Rios has chosen 4 different marketing factors that influence our product selection: product, promotion, sales arguments and money. The availability of these super-processed products is very high. They are everywhere, even where you would not have expected them.

In addition, there is an affordable price for super-processed products. Even for the proverbial “gold piece” you can buy sweets with the whole “Mendeleyev table”:)

Now production companies offer you larger portions at a lower price, you buy 3 products at a price of 2 and so on. Just watching the business go. And you will become their slaves.

Nutritional Matrix

Even though you blindly believe you have free will. In these times of being bombarded from all sides with the benefits of super-processed products and living in the age of people who have no time, it often ends up choosing this “healthy candy bar”:)

Another experiment is the sensory attraction of superprocessed materials. They look good, smell and taste good. Isn’t that right? And all of this is due to the added substances, which are harmful.


Often even experts are influenced by politics. Instead of rising up and revealing the truth, they prefer to thwart the deal. In addition, education is very bad, concealing the truth is exactly what helps this food industry.

I hope you read the article to the end. You’re free to choose, you’re gonna do it yourself, you’re gonna think what you want.

Are you interested in this subject? I encourage you to read the book I mentioned:)

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