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Skinny your child with a nutritionist. Statistics on the state of health of children and young people are alarming. Every 3 child/youth has a problem with obesity, of which every 3 child/youth is obese. In more than 90% of cases, the problem of excessive kilograms is the result of an incorrect diet based on fast food and foods high in simple sugar and a sedentary lifestyle.

Fast food products and sweets alone do not cause excessive body weight, but too much energy from food, which accumulates due to low physical activity in the form of body fat.

More and more young children are hospitalized for high blood pressure, atherosclerosis or diabetes. In the last century, these diseases were in the majority of adults. It was rare to meet a child who had one of the diseases. But if we look at the differences in the lifestyles of a child born at a time when there were no computers, smartphones or other electronic devices to play with, and a child born in the 21st century, then the children born in the 20th century enjoyed more exercise and healthier food (the 21st century also made it easier to access highly processed foods).

The common names “tires”, “wrinkles” or “bone or well-built” are designations for excessive body weight in aesthetic terms. Often, not so much attention is paid to this. An overweight child? It’s probably a matter of time before he loses weight. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.

Aspects of overweight in children

A child suffering from overweight or obesity often has social problems (worse contacts with peers) or psychological problems (low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, more frequent depressive states, lack of motivation, …). In such a situation, it is worthwhile to respond appropriately, to extend a helping hand to the child and to ask what the reason for this diet is (causal, non-symptomatic treatment).

Further increases in kilograms cause a deterioration in fitness and concentration, a reduction in the body’s performance and an increased risk of disease. If you take care of your child’s mental health, you take care of his physical health. When you issue another sports exemption, you should ask yourself if it is really necessary.

How can you help a child with an overweight body?

First, offer your child support in weight loss, make him feel that he is not alone. Losing weight is not a diet for weight loss, but a change to healthier eating habits. Start healthy shopping by preparing healthy meals together and meals together to talk about your mental and physical health.

Increasing the amount of physical activity in a child will be difficult and time-consuming at first. But it’s worth it! Remember, never do anything on the strength, but interesting ideas to spend time actively will benefit your health. You should trade Fortnight or FIFA for football lessons. An hour by bike or on foot, e.g. for small grocery purchases, will speed up the effect of the weight loss.

The age of electronic gadgets also comes with the rescue for such situations. If your child is interested in counting steps with a pedometer, a sports bracelet or a smartwatch. You may consider such a purchase Setting measurable goals is the key to success for a child who is willing to set his own mileage records, will enjoy it, and at the same time brings one step closer to the scales every day.

Lose Weight Your Child – Rescue from Adult Diseases | Nutritionists

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