Stabilisation of nutrition

Stabilizing the diet after a low-calorie diet is a very important aspect for maintaining a healthy body weight and health. It depends on whether we avoid the yo-yo effect. But the truth is that stabilizing the diet is about changing the eating habits that we learned during weight loss.

Weight loss diet is often a diet (but also increased physical activity, which is worth maintaining) with a reduced calorie content, which should end with the attainment of a normal body weight. The aim of this treatment was to speed up the metabolic rate, thanks to which it is possible to increase the calorie content of the diet without storing energy in the form of fat tissue.

Correct calorie management, both during the process of weight loss and during the stabilization of the diet, ensures that we avoid the yo-yo effect and maintain the correct dietary habits, which are a means of preventing the diseases of civilization.

For this reason, I would like to mention the introduction of a change in eating habits during the beginning of weight loss. Losing weight is usually associated with a restrictive diet (a huge energy-calorie deficit), the avoidance of palatability, fat and very intense physical activity. This thinking is wrong.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that in autumn and winter we often don’t pay much attention to our figure and don’t remember that what we eat can directly influence our health. When spring comes, it gets warmer outside… a little late we remember that it may be necessary to get a little slim in order to be able to lie in a bikini during your holiday on the beach;)

Then we panic that we may not have time to lose 5 kg of excess weight. We surf the first pages of the internet about fast weight loss diet and here we ourselves have plunged into the vortex of health-threatening restrictive diets (e.g. cabbage, Adele, Copenhagen, …). “Suddenly, come out to the devil”, that is a perfect fit for the situation.

Healthy weight loss should be done at the right time (as weight loss I consider only the change in eating habits). Systematic implementation of new changes will allow you to learn a new habit, instead of just expecting quick results, which will eventually lead you to return to your original body weight or more.

Stabilization of the diet are the same benefits!!!

The end result of the diet is not only a lower body weight and a slimmer looking body. The most important thing is our HEALTH.

A healthy diet reduces the risk of diet-related diseases such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, colorectal cancer, etc. These diseases are among the most common diseases of civilization in the world.

A normal body weight supports the normal work of the heart and immune system, speeds up your metabolism and improves your physical condition.

Your brain is supplied with dopamine, a “happiness” hormone. This also improves your mood, which often fluctuated with overweight or obesity.

That is why it is so important to take care not only of the appearance, but above all of the health and well-being.

I wish you good luck in your efforts and perseverance in your resolutions, because changes begin in the mind.

Diet stabilization – how to maintain the effects of a diet for weight loss reply Nutritionist online

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