Storage of foodstuffs

Proper storage of food not only prolongs the consumption of food, but also prevents harmful changes in food.

Few of us have time to shop every day to consume the food we buy right away. In this way, we would be sure of the freshness of the products. Unfortunately, the reality may be different. But most of us go shopping every now and then to stock up.

Purchases in stock – What to consider?

  • Long shelf life won’t always go hand in hand with product quality – READ THE LABELS and check the COLLECTION!!!
  • Buy fruits and vegetables as immature as possible, unless you want to eat them quickly, then choose the right one for you
  • There are many tricks on the internet to preserve fruits and vegetables, e.g. wrap the tip next to a bundle in cling film:)

Storage of foodstuffs – rules

In order to maintain as long as possible their taste, freshness and nutritional properties, appropriate storage conditions must be ensured. Each food has different storage requirements.

As a food technology engineer, I would like to point out in advance that it is not a good idea to put all “wet” products in the fridge!!!

Food storage – What do we store in the fridge and what else?

In the refrigerator, tissue changes may occur, causing fruit and vegetables to rot and rot. In the refrigerator, the ripening process, which is needed for some fruits and vegetables for consumption, is stopped. Frost burns of fruits and vegetables can also occur in the refrigerator, causing them to lose their nutritional value and bioactive ingredients.

Outside the fridge:

  • exotic fruits
  • immature fruit and vegetables
  • Zucchini, pumpkin, cucumbers, asparagus, eggplant, tomatoes
  • Onions and garlic

Outside the refrigerator you should also observe the correct storage conditions For fruit and vegetables, sufficient airflow shall be ensured by the use of a perforated foil or an open box.

Do not store fruits and vegetables unwashed!! Bananas should also be separated from other fruits and vegetables, as they release large amounts of ethylene, which spoils other products.

In the glacier:

  • non-durable and soft fruits, especially berries
  • Leaf and cabbage vegetables
  • Spiced vegetables

Fruits and vegetables that we put in the fridge should be washed and dry beforehand. Dispose of vegetables or fruits packed in a plastic bag and place them on a plate or directly in special drawers in the fridge. The lower the shelf where we store vegetables and fruits, the better. It is also good to wrap them with a paper towel, which prevents excess moisture from getting into other products.

Storage of foodstuffs – freezing

You live alone and prepare a meal for several servings? Great option, more economically profitable. Any remnants of Christmas or any other celebration? Do not throw away!!!! Of course, it is good to take them to the DPS or other facilities that allow them to feed the needy. You can also use the option to freeze food “for later.”

Like any type of food storage is subject to its own laws, which is why there are also restrictions on the freezing system.

You can freeze fruits: berries, stone fruits (as mousse or puree), bananas without peel. Non-freezing fruits: watermelon, kiwi, citrus fruits, papayas, etc. Vegetables – all except: raw potatoes, aubergines, radishes, lettuce and cucumbers. They need to be treated first. It is not recommended to freeze raw fruits and vegetables.

Mushrooms and herbs can also be frozen. You can prepare cubes of poured herbs and spices in oil or olive oil.

Everything that comes in the fridge and freezer must be pre-cleaned. Suitable freezing temperature is approx. -18 degrees. Freezing should be carried out as soon as possible in order to avoid unnecessary nutrient losses and reactions/processes in food. Do not freeze previously thawed products again!!!

Some raw materials should be blanched before cooling (boiling water for a few seconds and quick cooling, sometimes adding salt or sugar): mushrooms, peas, cauliflower, asparagus, beans, sprouts, hair, carrots, spinach and kale.

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