The most common mistakes in weight loss

The most common mistakes in weight loss – a guide in which you will find the answer why you still can not get rid of excess pounds. Are you already on a diet to lose weight and the yo-yo effect keeps coming back to you? Find out what might be the cause!

First, do not experiment with popular weight loss diets. Each of them has its drawbacks, which will greatly affect your health. The 1000 kcal diet is a famine that will lead to malnutrition for a long time and risk of loss of health, sometimes even life. Diet of Kwasniewski, Atkins, Dąbrowska, … is an unbalanced diet, causing deficiencies and disturbances in the carbohydrate-fat balance (and an excess of protein in the diet damages the kidneys!).

Second, change your mindset. Do not lose weight only for the summer to show a flat stomach and slim legs in a tight outfit. Consider the process of losing weight as a change in your lifestyle and take care of your health. If your health is still in good condition, it is only a matter of time, how bad eating habits become noticeable. It is never too late to make changes to improve mental and physical well-being.

Take a look at the latest articles, where you will find the most important basics of a healthy diet for weight loss. In this article I want to focus on the most common mistakes in weight loss.

Dichotomous thinking, that is EVERYTHING or NOTHING. “From Monday I will start a restrictive diet based only on 100% healthy foods.” Do you know that?! I think that thought came up with anyone who tried to lose weight themselves. If you ate sweets and fast food before the “diet” and gave them up from one day to the next, it is natural that one day your brain will ask for them. After that, what does it mean, I ONLY HEALTHY IRON?

It is just as important to think about dietary deviations and to have a bad conscience. Opening a bar of chocolate or baking a wonderful cake does not necessarily mean eating it all in one day. The idea works best: “Tomorrow is also a day” or “A deviation doesn’t make me give up everything.” To feel joy, you don’t have to eat your fill, but taste the way you want every day. If you still have problems with that, maybe you can order a piece of cake or break a row of chocolates and hide them.

What if you just eat something that is off your list of healthy foods? No more “diet”, “doesn’t work”, “it’s not for me”, …. You’re giving up, seriously? The answer to your lack of motivation to continue is that you may have eliminated foods that were your daily diet too quickly (your body has treated them as a habit). Researchers have shown that the human body is somehow susceptible to sweet and salty flavors. That is, it is natural that you like sweet or savory products.

I explain the principle of diet for weight loss. In order to lose the tire and lose weight, you do not have to give up your favorite products. Everything is allowed if it is eaten in moderation (of course, if you do not have diabetes or other diseases). The weight loss diet is mainly based on a negative energy balance. So if you follow a reduced calorie intake throughout the day and also introduce or increase energy expenditure in the form of physical activity, your body will respond to this by losing weight (unless you have a metabolic defect or another disease that hampers weight loss, Then go to a specialist. e.g. nutritionist).

Are you seduced by sweets distributed at home or at work? The unexpected birthday of a coworker, and you feel it’s inappropriate to turn down a piece of cake? Do you want to eat something sweet after dinner? Do you try your dish while preparing food? A big plate, do you have a lot to put on, especially since it’s a dinner? Boredom – do I eat what?

  1. Hide all sweets and other tempting products
  2. Count the unexpected cake on your calorie intake, and perhaps do not eat 1 meal that day to maintain your calorie balance.
  3. Wait 15 minutes after lunch for the saturation signal to reach the appropriate area of the brain. If you still want to eat sweet, then skip the scheduled afternoon tea.
  4. Try eating from a small plate first. If that doesn’t work, follow the rule of hand: 2 handfuls of vegetables/fruit, the middle palm (without fingers; a handful) of starch products and only the meat itself.
  5. Find a job so you don’t get bored and don’t think about eating

Do you want something to eat? Before taking it, you should consider whether it is an appetite or a hunger. You can tell them apart after you feel whether your stomach is full or empty. This way you avoid a high-calorie diet. It is best to determine calorie requirements and to check the portion size at the beginning of new eating habits. Once you have learned this, it will be easier for you to judge whether and how you can regulate your meals. In the beginning, try to stick to the planned main meals. In between, try to think about food. It is also advisable to plan meals for the whole day in advance, including the time at which

Have you read so many articles, infographics and instructions about healthy food and said that your diet will be like this tomorrow? This is another argument that you will not survive such a “diet” for too long. After all, you don’t have to taste all the accepted terms of “healthy eating.” I bet you’ve read or heard many times, “Don’t eat this, it’s not healthy.” Do not let it reassure your opinion now that any food is not healthy. As I mentioned earlier, it depends on the amount of food you eat and your current state of health. Diet should be tailored to the needs of your body, both in connection with the taste of food.

I would like to refer once again to the gradual change in habits. With small steps you can control your body. The main thing is to listen to your body. If you are not ready to introduce a new habit, such as quitting smoking, then go to the next change and return to it so that you are ready.

The best way to learn how to control your changed eating habits is to keep a nutrition diary. If you deepen your knowledge about healthy eating, you will be able to recognize your mistakes and perhaps inspire you to change your habits. If you have problems with this, it is not a problem to get advice, e.g. from a nutritionist.

The best approach to find motivation to lose weight permanently is to find for yourself the benefits of the decision. What could be more important than taking care of your own health? I just want to remind you that there is no healthy and effective diet that will allow you to get rid of excess pounds quickly and without any health consequences. Don’t forget to support your family and your closest friends (maybe inspiring someone 🙂

The last problem I noticed is the food we reward or punish ourselves with. It would be better to buy a new dress or shoes as a reward or to analyze the negative situation and look for the best solutions. Eating stress is also no way out. Stress is an extra energy for our body, but try to calm down, collect your thoughts and get out of the thought spiral with your head down your neck. The most important thing is that at the beginning of the change of habits (even these) do not attribute to the feelings of eating. If you can handle it, it’ll be easier later. Maybe you should consider taking the risk Of course, this is not always possible, but there is always a chance to limit their quantity 🙂

The most common mistakes in weight loss – Nutritionist Poznań (from the notebook of psychodietics)

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