Where does the yo-yo effect come from

Where does the yo-yo effect come from and what does it actually mean? Many of you probably know or at least have heard of the term. If you have tried at least once in your life to go on a weight reduction, weight loss, detox or other diet, probably many of you have not managed to maintain the correct weight for a long time.

Weight gain after a slimming diet is called the yo-yo effect. It is inevitable if we approach the topic of weight loss without adhering to certain rules accompanying changes in eating habits. Actually, wanting to reduce weight you just need to change your eating habits to be healthier. So I will repeat once again “increase physical activity and take care of a properly balanced diet”.

Causes of the yo-yo effect

First of all, switching to a slimming diet, often even restrictive (which severely limits the energy / calorie content of the diet and fast food or sweets), we cause the body to develop the so-called sugar hunger and increased appetite, which ultimately after its completion makes us eat much more and again creates a calorie surplus, which is why kilograms return (yo-yo effect).

It can also be said that after applying such a restrictive diet, we indulge ourselves by returning to previous habits / eating habits, because we gave up the foods we ate every day (or at least they appeared often in our diet). Our brain then sends information that after such a long time of not consuming such products, it finally deserved them.

Secondly, the varying intensity and frequency of exercise and the inadequate calorie selection of the diet may cause fluctuations in body weight measurements. This is an aspect that can be easily adjusted, even by yourself.

There is also a possible cause here, which is hormonal disorders. They may be undiagnosed, arising as a result of excessive weight or other prevalent diseases. In most cases, the most common hormonal disorder is hypothyroidism, which impairs the rate of metabolism, making it difficult to maintain a normal body weight.

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